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ean Little’s most recent book, The Sweetest one of all, is a picture book for very young children and their parents. In it, barnyard animal babies ask their mothers who they are and each of them is told that he or she is the sweetest one of all. The book ends with a human mother telling her little one the same thing. And getting a loving hug in response. The playful text should continue to delight both children and adults even after many readings.

The colourful illustrations by Marisol Sarrazin are endearing and filled with lively detail. Each will hold small readers spellbound.

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ean Little is recognized throughout Canada and the United States for her candid and unsentimental portrayals of adolescent life. Once a teacher of handicapped children, Little herself is only partially sighted, and she uses much of her real-life experience as the basis for her books.
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Different Dragons

Differnt Dragons

Novel, Penguin, 1986, 123 Pages 

Ben is apprehensive about staying over at his aunt roses house while his parents are away. but with the promise of a big surprise, ben reluctantly agrees to at least give it a try. only, when the surprise arrives, it is not what ben expects at all. At the door is a labrador retriever named gully. the only problem is that ben is afraid of dogs. Dogs jump at people, bite people, and even kill people! And even though gully seems friendly, ben decides he will never be friends with a dog. but when ben finds himself alone with gully in a scary situation, he starts to rethink his fear. perhaps he will be able to survive the whole weekend at Aunt roses with gully running around after all.


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